Donnerstag, 28. Februar 2013

Blue Rainbow Nails - 10 Colours

Basecoat: Essence 24/7 Base
Topcoat: Sally Hansen Dries Instantly
+ 2 Coats of every main colour

left Hand
pinkie: Essence - Forget me not - Blossoms Etc ...
ringfinger: Catrice - Up in the Air
middlefinger: Essence - Chuck - Nail Art Twins
index: p2 - Night Out
thumb: NYX - Ink Heart

right Hand
thumb: p2 - Unforgettable
index: Kiko 295 Cerulean Blue
middle finger: Manhattan 78 D
ring finger: Essence - Sleepy - Snow White LE
pinkie: Essence - You belong to me

Sonntag, 3. Februar 2013

Catrice 'Return of the Space Cowboys' over black base

Essence 24/7 Base
Essence Black is Back (1x)
Catrice Return of the Space Cowboys - Million Styles LE (1x)
Sally Hansen Dries Instantly

p2 Call me! & Essence More Than Words

Essence 24/7 Base
p2 Call me! (2x)
index: Essence More Than Words - Hugs and Kisses LE (1x)
Sally Hansen Dries Instantly