Donnerstag, 7. November 2013

Catrice Feathers & Pearls Review I

Essence Anti Split Base
Catrice Running Wild - Feathers & Pearls (2x)
Essence BTGN Sealer High Gloss

Catrice Golden Twenties Polish diped wet into Catrice Golden Twenties Nail Sequins
Essence BTGN Sealer High Gloss (2x)

Catrice Running wild Polish is the black polish from this collection. The Glitter seems to sparkle slightly in pink, blue, purple and gold. On the nails still visible, but you cannot figure out any colour. A bit pitty, but somehow it seems to be a strong depth in it. The base colour remindes me a bit on Kiko 264 Black Violett, but not that blueish. For Polishaholics which like dark colour a very interessting colour. The rest probably will only figure out, that it's another usually black polish.

Catrice Golden Twenties Nail Sequins were easy to apply. I'm anxious to removing them ;)
The surface is not smooth after using two layers of Top Coat, but appeals as a solid coat.

Both Nail Sequins contain big hexagon and small glitter pieces.

I will show you Catrice Running Wild Nail Sequins and Catrice Golden Twenties Polish in another Review.


  1. I am so happy to find this review...i am disappointed with glitter because i wanted it only to be made with big pieces only, so i dont think i will get it. i love your blog, am subscribed ;)

  2. Thank you !!

    Did you look in a art supplies shop yet? Or maybe making other use of christmas decoration? I think there will come a lot of glitter the next weeks and months so don't give up hope ;-)