Dienstag, 10. Juli 2012

Clair's Nails

Essence - Peel off Base - Ready for Boarding LE
Clair's - w/o classification (2 Coats)
Clair's - Glitter w/o classification
Essence BTGN Top Sealer

edit: Essence's Peel off Base worked good in this case. The removed parts were tiny (about 2 mm in size), but it was easier to remove it this way, than using polish remover. No tip wear after 4 days.

The glitter colour is clear and has big gold-green & peach-rosè hexagons and tiny silver particles.
The lilac is a creamy pastell, which is opaque in two thin coats.

my base

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  1. Wie schön :), ich hab letztens mal einen hellblauen Lack mit goldenem Glitzer getragen, das sah auch so süss aus :)