Dienstag, 23. Oktober 2012

Inglot 926

Inglot 926 (3 Coats)

It's a jelly polish. The colour range is quite high. I edit the 2nd image later, to show you the polish in daylight. All others are made in artificial light. They always run through Photoshop to show you the most authentic colour result. As you can see, the daylight picture is a lighter red. Other light situations can show you a even brighter red than this one is. The jelly formula gives you a incredible depth, which I love about the polish. The colour spectrum reminds me from fresh to dried blood. The drytime is very short, so the 3 coats are no problem. From now on this is my fav red colour!


more artificial light:


  1. Wow was für ein schöner Nagellack:) und super lackiert! Ich mag die Inglot Produkte wirklich gerne

    liebe Grüße

    1. Leider mein einziger Inglot Nagellack .. ich muss mal wieder Oma in Polen besuchen :)