Montag, 3. Februar 2014

Catrice Oyster & Champagne | Crushed Crystals

I used my last mani which was completly dried through, put two layers of Catrice Oyster & Champagne and no Top Coat to get this Crushed Crystals' Finish. I waited and waited for the polish to dry. It became a gummy consistency, unfortunatelly I pushed my nail against something very hard. All polish layers moved away and my nail was completely visible. Then I pushed it back with another finger and it was like nothing was happend. Finally after hours and a sleep it was completely dried through. Two days later I went to shower and the polish peeled away while washing my hair. My hair stuckt between the polish and my nails. I could remove most polish more easily than with an Peeling base. Catrice, will you f*** me?? 

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