Montag, 21. April 2014

Mavala Rose Shell & Essence The Bees and the Birds

Mavala 162 Rose Shell (2x)
Essence The Bees and the Birds
Essence BTGN

Mavala Polish has a non special thin brush which works good. The consistency is not runny, nor thik, just perfect. Colour applyed very smooth. this colour needs 3 thin coats for perfect coverage, which dissapointed me a little bit. 
My Mavala 49 white needs only one thik or thw thin coats and is perfekt white. 
Rose Shell has a pearl finish, which is still visible on the nails. It's more a nude with a tend to rose than a light rose like it shows here with this Effect Top Coat.
I waited about 10 minutes between each layer, like I do always. In the end I saw bubbles, tiny holes in the base colour. I am glad that I used this feather effect topcoat, so it will not bother me. I don't know where this bubbles come from. Maybe this polish needs a longer drying time, maybe my Essence BTGN is way too old.

Essence The Bees and the Birds had a very thik formula, almost rubbery. But application and drying time was ok. The silver particles appear very dark on the pictures when sun doesn't catch them. In real the glow of the particels is more stepping forward.

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