Dienstag, 3. Juni 2014

p2 Italy

p2 Italy - Match It LE (2x)
Essence BTGN

You can never have enough white polishes, right?

This one is an exception in consistency. I've never had a polish like this one. At the beginning it's a usual polish, but after 2-3 brush strokes and I do regularly 4, it becomes very viscous. It's very hard to apply thin coats or an even coat except you make it very thik. The consistency is also runny and it's quite hard to handle it at the first time. I think this polish was made to apply one thik coat and if you're lucky it will be well covering. I also think this one has an outstanding drying time, because it becomes so viscous that fast. I can't say it for sure because I used my top coat as usual to go for sure.
You cannot see it in the pictures but my layers are quite uneven in the thickness and this is also visible after drying on closer inspection.
The long bottle looks quite nice to me. It contains a straight cutted and nice brush but the shaft is also very long and provides more on more polish on your nails while you lacquer them. That's also a point you have to be carefully about.
If your not somebody who applies polish very fast and secure, this one will make you problems and I don't suggest you to buy it.

I applied this polish with 2 coats on my nails on my hands and toes and in the bottle was only four fifths of the 6 ml left.

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