Samstag, 27. Dezember 2014

Inglot 711 matte

p2 Ridgefiller
Inglot 711 matte (2x)
Today I show you this beauty by Inglot's matte collection. I cannot say if this is just released for a limited time or part of their standard assortment. Anyway, if you like the finish, it's worth to take a look on their 27 matt colours. I wouldn't say the finish is matt, but semi-matt. This makes it look more classy than stylish and appears more grown up, than other matt polishes can do.
You need three coats for full coverage, but I did two. Do you see the part on my ringfinger, where this polish is still too sheer? Whatever! In real life it's barely visible.
The polish dries very fast and you have to be quick with applying it. I was a bit afraid how fast it'll become shockproof, but all went good.
I wear this polish now for 24 hours and there's no chipping, which is good for a matt polish, too. But I cannot say more about stability.
After the application I thought Inglott 711 could be an Essie Fiji Dupe (if you add topcoat of course). So, all you Fiji-nistas out there, take a close look at this shade. Especially if you don't got it. I don't have Fiji but I can compare it for you with other colours I owe.
p2 lovely moment - >swatch here< compared to this one Inglot 711 is lighter an the undertone is less pink and a tiny bit into a beige-skin-tone.
Inglot 711
Essie Urban Jungle - this one obviously is more purple-grey-ish
p2 italy - simple white polish

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