Mittwoch, 7. November 2012

My Inglot Palette

Among other things my mom bought me this Inglot palette on her trip to Poland. I made her a list with colour shades I would like to have. It contained neutral, taupe, violett, pearl and matte colours. No gold or bronze!, I told her. 

f.l.t.r. 378 matte, 434 pearl, 402 pearl, 445 pearl, 446 pearl

Pigmentation is good, especially the matte shade suprised me. Layering is possible but not necessary. 
I made swatches w/o any base.

I am absolutely a fan of Inglot's 434 Pearl. This is a georgeus taupe shimmer and fits always.

The second colour I adore is Inglot's 378 Matte. Also, I would call this a taupe but without any shimmer. It's a brown-grey-purple allrounder. 

The colour I like at least is 402 Pearl, because golden colours look boring on me (in my opinion) and I don't like them either. Until now I didn't try to use it. The gold is not too heavy. Maybe I overdo it. I really wonder, why my mom can't see the golden part in it.

Inglot's 446 Pearl is a nice colour, which I like.

445 Pearl is a colour I maybe would't choose, but a good combination to 446 pearl.

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