Dienstag, 12. November 2013

Maybelline Sapphire Stitch

Essence Ultra Nail Repair
Maybelline Sapphire Stitch (2x) - Brocades LE
Essence BTGN Top Coat

Application was a disaster. The brush had some looped hairs and didn't spread. Glitter flakes layed vertical to my nails, which I had to fix with the brush. Also a lot of glitter collected beyond the nail tip and had to be pushed back. As a result I had unregular chipwear within 24 hours.
Coverage in one thik or two thin coats.
Drying time was very good.
Colour is a beauty!!

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  1. Ich hatte mir den Knitted gold gekauft und finde ihn toll. Der hier steht dir echt gut :)