Dienstag, 5. November 2013

Catrice Royal Blood - Velvet Nail Powder

p2 Base + Care
Essence Fame Fatal
Catrice Royal Blood Velvet Nail Powder

It feels smooth, not weird at all. I like this!
Application was very easy. I used only one coat of my base colour.
What I don't like is to remove my contact lenses after doing this. I think the powder got a bit into my eyes. And my cats hair's seems to be very attracted to the finish ;)


  1. I bought this but haven't used it yet. I also got the red polish from this collection,and I love it. IT'S MY FAVORITE ever. i am now wearing glasses, but if I was using contacts i don't think I'd be able to wear this decoration. it could be dangerous if it gets in eye.....

    1. I think the red colour of the nail powder is a bit darker in real. My cam does hard to catch red colours well.
      I did this mani at evening. The next day there was no problem with my contacts anymore!

      I really really really tought about buying the red polish, too! Was not sure cause I have so many reds and also a matt top coat, but probably I'll give it a try in the end :)